My Bipolar Disorder Story

Life does not stop for anyone who battles with a Bipolar condition. This blog and My Bipolar Disorder Story  ” Rats in The Attic”  has been created to help those see life in its current state and understand that this personal war will always rage on!

bipolar storyMost people don’t have a clue as to what bipolar disorder is. Just the mention of it in conversation effects people is if you said I have AIDS. Some people are sympathetic others react to the fear is if you’re going to go crazy on them or that they may catch it from you. Rest assure bipolar disorder is not contagious in reality most people know someone who suffers from this condition and will, try to avoid a person or will try to handle them with kid gloves because they don’t know what to expect as far as that person’s mood or behaviors. Scientifically there are many studies that are now being done in order to develop better medication and therapies to treat this disorder if you are bipolar the smartest thing to do is not to tell people like a future employer because you more than likely will not get the job, the employer will probably think that you are lunatic regardless of your qualifications.

Bipolar disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain it is recognized by mood swings and the way a person reacts to those moods ranging from mania at the top and depression on the bottom. Many people are hard to diagnose because they may only have one episode of mania or depression. The man that this book is about has had multiple episodes of depression and mania which has made his diagnosis easier for his psychiatrist. It is believed that bipolar disorder is genetically based. It is predicted that up to 75% of all people living with  bipolar have a family history of mental illness, it can be passed down from the mother or the fathers’ side of the family.