What is Hypomania?

Hypomania is a mood similar mania that is not as drastic of a change as mania. You may experience an elevated mood something like “mania light”. You will require less sleep and still feel great. You may hWhat is Hypomania?ave a higher level of creative drive, a better understanding of what’s going on around you, a higher level of the awareness. You will have tendencies to be more outgoing, fun to be around because you fear less inhibited around people. You will also feel more powerful and more appealing sexuality and you may have an elevated sex drive. It feels like your brain has had a massage not only do you feel more creative, you become more alert and inspired. Hypomania does not really have a negative effect on the people around you; for the most part it has a positive effect on the people around you. The only negative thing that can happen is that hypomania mixes with depression present and that’s called a “mixed state.”