The Dark Side Of Depression

bipolar disorder depressionBipolar depression is the darkest side of being bipolar. There are many symptoms that need to be present to be properly diagnosed. You may feel empty or hopeless people generally recognized this as the “blues.” You may feel tired all the time and sleep for hours on end but again you may not be able to sleep at all. You may lose your desire to do anything (go to work or attend school classes). The simplest things, like taking a shower become a difficult chore. You may become upset or even angry over the smallest things like burning a toast. There may be an assortment of things that may cause anger to rise up anxiety, drastic change in environment, and a breakup with the spouse, or girlfriend\boyfriend.

People with depression are prone to talk about death, suicide, or self harm.

You may feel you have done something wrong bringing on guilt which may lead to suicide or hurting yourself as a punishment for your guilt. You may become much more emotional or have crying spells that you can’t control. Your depression will most likely have a negative effect on your family you don’t feel like making meals, or cleaning your house, doing laundry, doing maintenance, or preventing you from spending quality time with your family and friends.