Bipolar 1

BIPOLAR 1 ImageBipolar 1 can be very difficult or very easy to detect. It only requires at least one episode of mania which has to last about one week. This manic episode has to have a very negative impact on your life. You may spend large amounts of money to the point where it may empty your savings account. You may be more aggressive and willing to fight. You may have grandiose thoughts (I’m going to make $1 million on this or I’m going to be president). You may no longer need eight hours of sleep you may get by with2 to 4 hours and feel energized. You may critically affect relationships with your children, spouse, coworkers, relatives or friends. Bipolar 1 does not require an episode of depression however most people with bipolar 1 do experience episodes of depression between episodes of mania. Once your doctor completes a proper diagnosis bipolar 1 is generally easy to treat with medication.